Babywraps & more for you and your Baby

The joy of Babywearing

We are a northern German sling/babywrap manufacturer named Kaami Slings.

Kaami combines what is most important to us: to carry our beloved cute babies in high-Quality babywraps that were woven only with biological yarns to high standarts. We chose the materials with high care and love to the detail. High Quality Babywraps made in Germany. Woven in a Family-run Company. Designed with love!


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Babywearing makes you happy!

Babywearing means closeness, security, trust and feed your Babys needs - it strengthens the bond between you and your baby. Your Baby feels, sees, smells you and gets to know his own body. Carrying allows you to use both hands while your baby is part of the everyday life of

your family from the beginning on.Both your muscles, as well as your baby´s is strengthened because your baby is doing every movement as well. An optimal development of the body, but also the hip is supported by ergonomically correct wearing.

Babywearing is natural. Babywearing is easy. Babywearing is lifestyle - with Kaami Slings.

Strengthen the bonding between you and your Baby

Our concern is to strengthen the parent-child bond - wearing promotes this unique relationship from the beginning on. At the same time, we have a fashionable design at our heart. We combine casual chic with high quality. A practical babywrap does not exclude good style and will make both babies and parents happy at the same time. In this sense, Kaami Slings offer babywearing lifestyle for cool parents and happy babies.

Quality you can feel.

The high quality standard is very important to us: That is why we are in close contact with our weaving mill. Our babywraps are produced in Europe. To ensure optimal quality, we work together with international service providers, manufacturers and suppliers. The woven cotton is controlled organic, further processed yarns are produced in sustainable production. In addition, all wraps are pre-washed by us and can be used immediately.