How to care your Kaami

Kaami wraps are prepared for you, so that the fibers are already a bit swollen and you can try and bind your new Kaami immediately.
However, we recommend that you wash it once again before permanent use, so that the remaining weaving dust is removed and the fibers finally compacted. The exact washing and care instructions for your Kaami can be found on the sewn-on care label. The data are maximum values and we recommend that you always carry out the most careful cleaning.
This means: temperature as low as possible and as little spin as possible. Do not use a fabric softener as this will cause the fabric to lose grip and the life of the fabric will be shortened. Please use only liquid detergents. It is advisable to choose a detergent without additives such as perfume or enzymes.
Depending on the material (note the care label!) you can also give your Kaami in the dryer. Please place the step at the most on dampened dampers and dry as cold as possible.

Safety instructions

  • Make sure your child has a good fit. It should be supported from knee-throat to knee-throat. The knees should be at the same height or higher than the butt (anch-spreading posture).
  • Make sure your child and your child's head are well supported. Do not tie too loose so your child can not collapse. You should always keep the body contact with your child when you lean forward (maximum 1-2 cm clearance).
  • Your child has the optimal height when you can kiss it with a slight movement on the head (head-kiss-height).
  • Always make a double knot if you knot your Kaami.
  • Make sure your child's breathing is free. Any items such as cuddly toys, cuddles & coats do not belong with your Baby in the wrap. Make sure your child's face is not pressed against your chest.
  • Pay attention to the body temperature of your child and avoid overheating. Using the babywrap may replace one or two clothing layers.
  • Do not babywear in sporty or dangerous activities, such as cycling, driving, riding, cooking on the hot stove, handling with chemical agents, e.g. Household cleaners, etc.
  • Make sure your wrap is not damaged. If it shows cracks or holes, it is no longer suitable to carry your child.
  • Let yourself be advised by a qualified Tutor/ babywearing consultant. It shows you how to safely carry your child. You will find qualified counselors, for example on the web-pages of the Trageschulen and "Tragenetzwerk".
  • The use of a babywrap / ring sling is at your own responsibility.