(Photo: Sabine de Hoop)
(Photo: Sabine de Hoop)

Review Sabine de Hoop

"Final review of the yet unnamed wrap. I myself like to call it: 'Dancing like a feather Floating' or short 'feather floating'. This tester is a size 7.

The wrap is beautifull, has a tropical feel. Love the contrast of the colours and the different look on both sides. It is thick, a workout to truly tighten, but easy to knot of and soft. So soft. It is all cotton. But almost feels like a bamboo blend. But truly grippy! A single knot could holding for at least an hour without s...lack! It is forgiving and holds up even with a sloppy wrap job. It is strong and the weigth is easy to spread out as long as you donnot twist the wrap around itself on your shoulders or collarbone. My kids are heavy and big but are easily carried with this wrap in a double layer carry for a longer period. A single layer carry was somewhat diggy with my 15 and 20 kilo kids. They found this wrap to be comfortable and cosy. Nothing felt like it cut them.
The wrap is worm. But not too hot.

We totally loved every minute we could float on these feathers. And we will miss it dearly."

(Sabine de Hoop)